Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Fall fashions are in a constant state of flux, but you can always bet that tights will figure into the equation in some pattern, shape or form. Some years they lurk in the wings practically hanging their heads that they are good for little more than compression or support in the legs of professionals that have jobs that keep them on their feet for long hours at a time.

Then when you come around to a comfortable acceptance that they are good for layering under pants or boots for additional warmth in a pinch where black tights that go with anything is as good as it gets, out comes the latest in pantyhose tights in funky colors and patterns that haven’t been seen since the late 1960s when fishnet and windowpane stockings in crazy colors.

The history of tights goes way back but their most shining moment was in the days of flower power Haight Ashbury in the 60s was dominated by crazy outfits and out of this world fashion trends. There were young girls as well as grown women wearing cool, fashion tights under their mini-skirts that Twiggy and models of the day made so very popular without much emphasis on coordination. Plaids were lumped together with mod outfits and feather boas of contrasting colors that would give Liberace a headache, but there was method in the madness and somehow it all managed to work. We are still talking about the fashions worn in the era of Peace and Love so if nothing else; the styles were memorable.

The major complaint that was made about early fashion tights was that in the beginning before Lycra and Spandex came along was that by the end of the day the nylons were bagging in an unattractive manner at the knees. Even today, if you sit long enough you may find that your hosiery doesn’t spring back as quickly as you might like. Another fact is that most tights of days gone came before pantyhose was widely available. Whether you were trying to be sexy or not; your stockings were held up by a garter belt.

What I find funny is that every fall young girls head out to the discount stores to pick up the latest in hosiery in colors they are told are hip, trendy. They are fully convinced that they will not be able to properly dress without a particular pair and what is even more humorous is that they believe they are the first to appreciate tights as a fall fashion accessory.

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