Monday, April 21, 2008


Not being a girl who was blessed with lovely, large eyes and long lashes has pushed me to be pretty dependent on eyeliner. I once considered giving permanent eyeliner tattoos a shot but chickened out; I was that sick of eyeliner that had no need for an eyeliner smudger. It smudged, creased and ran very well all on its own. It just never stayed put.

For eyeliner styles that give a smokey look with undefined edges, it's hard to beat pencils or crayons. But it's just hard to beat liquid color applied with a brush for a dramatic look. For a retro look, I have used a technique that involved a broad band of white and a thin black line closer to my lashes. Lookout Twiggy, we're going back to the 60s!

If you exercise or shed the occasional tear you will appreciate gel eyeliner the following tips. Even the worst gel outpaces the BEST old time liquids for staying power. The best liquid gel eyeliner that I've tried so far is the Bobbi Brown eyeliner gel.

Here are some eyeliner tips that may make applying eyeliner a less stressful event:

  • Coat both sides of the brush evenly. Don't just put the product on one side.

  • Be certain not to load the brush to heavily. Wipe off excess ahead of time to avoid globs of liner where you don't want it

  • Work from the inner corner of your eyelid to the outer edges.

  • Make short, steady strokes to carry your color across the lid.

The only complaints that I have about this brand of gel eyeliner are that the product dried up pretty quickly (Smashbox's product was just as bad) and the second thing is that it takes a really good eye makeup remover to get it off. This is both what I love about gel eyeliner and what I hate about it....I love that it stays on but I hate the effort it takes to remove it.

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